The name MAAZA denotes taste, enjoyment, represents 'Diamond' in different languages, and by today the brand has turned out to be a star performer across the region and beyond.

The main ingredients for this Juice drink are Natural Fruit Pulp, treated water, natural identical flavors and Vitamin C with other food additives to balance the sweetness, taste & consistency of the beverage.

Maaza Mango is a fruit juice based drink which contains an ideal combination of the famous Alphonso and Totapuri varieties of mango pulp. The drink is formulated taking into consideration the nutritional and health aspects with a unique taste unparalleled by any other brand currently in the market.

Maaza is manufactured by Union Beverages Factory under the authority of Maaza International.


Category Fruit Juice Drinks
Tag Line " Real Fruit, Real Taste "
Flavors Sizes
Mango 220 ml 1 Ltr 1.5 Ltr
Apple 220 ml 1 Ltr
Guava 220 ml 1 Ltr
Mixed Fruit 220 ml., 1 Ltr
Orange 220 ml., 1 Ltr.
Packaging PET Bottles

Outer Case Dimension

220 ml X 24 H:17 cm. L:32 cm. W:21.50 cm.
1.0 Ltr. X 12 H:29 cm. L:32 cm. W:24.00 cm.
1.5 Ltr. X 6 H:23 cm. L:27.50 cm. W:18.50 cm.

Gross Weight Per Case

220 ml X 24 5.5 Kg.
1.0 Ltr. X 12 12.3 Kg.
1.5 Ltr. X 6 9. 3 Kg.

Cases Per 20’ FCL/40’ LCL

220 ml X 24 2,500/3,700 cases
1.0 Ltr. X 12 1,300/2,050 cases
1.5 Ltr. X 6 1,700/2,680 cases

Packaging Configuration (Case)

220 ml 24 Bottles/Carton Tray
1 Ltr. 1 Ltr.
1.5 Ltr. 6 Bottles/Carton Box
Shelf Life 12 Months

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